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Yep.It was the 90s and the time of laddish culture ,Ladettes,football becoming fashionable and Loaded magazine.He rode on the coat tails of that imho
Fake,boring unfunny Chelsea arsehole.
Always seemed like the geeky middle class kid who goes to a red brick university and reinvents himself as a drinking lad during freshers week.

Your right about him riding the coat tails, his main contribution would be to take the piss out of 'statto' on Fantasy Football and Newman always seemed to be the funnier one on Newman and Baddiel. Frank Skinner was always the stronger stand up act and presenter as well. I think I am correct in saying that Hawksby and Jacobs of Talksport did a lot of the writing for Phonenix From the Flames. So he was probably at best a second rate comedy actor.

Apparently Newman and Baddiel aboslutely detested each other, wonder why.
Still remember when the oh so santicminouious Baddiel went Black face on national television in the 90s.

I also recall his live act including jokes that mocked Ann Diamonds baby passing of cot death and Roy Castle's cancer.

I don't want to hear from Baddiel on any subject.
Has he ever properly addressed the Jason Lee blackface at a time when nearly everyone realised it was wrong? Or we only allowed to talk about Jewish racism?

If hip hop/gang culture stop using the N word amongst each other (and be aware that includes its use by non-blacks ie Asian, Hispanic and Latino) then the KKK will disband
Has he ever properly addressed the Jason Lee blackface at a time when nearly everyone realised it was wrong? Or we only allowed to talk about Jewish racism?
I am not sure if he ever did. I remember when Frank Clark the then Forest manager went public asking them to stop the mocking of Jason Lee with Clark believing that their behaviour amounted to bullying and was having an effect on the player.

Did they stop? No they didn't.
How many more incidents like this need to come to light, before punishments become serious?

There will be some wank excuse by UEFA / the FA / whoever, that as these incidents did not take place in the football stadium, this is a matter only for the police. Well fuck right off.

The only way this can really be controlled, is by society - in this case, other fans of the club - stamping it out of their support and showing the culprits that this is not acceptable behaviour. We can't have 1000s of police officers at each and every game controlling everyone. And in order to motivate those others to control this, there needs to be an incentive, e.g. collective punishment if a "minority" of supporters are found to behaved in such a way.

At the same time, while it annoys me to say so, someone like Dele Alli, needs to have the book thrown at him. Can't be selective about who to punish. Seemingly in the current climate we need radikal action to stamp this out.
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