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The Romanian Jack

No speak Espanol senor.
Great player. Great sell. Great buy. A transfer where everyone comes out winning. He will be the sucessor of Ramos and compete with de ligt for top center back in the world. Porto paid 4.5M millions in July and now sells for 50 with 5 going to São Paulo. It’s a fantastic business. He is extremely good but can be replaced within Portuguese league standards. All the best to him.

Pepe was similar right? Let's hope he turns to Danilo type of buy:pocheyes:


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Militao will be one of the best centre backs of his generation. I don't think he has a single weakness to his game and can see why Madrid have signed him. Him and Varane at the back once Ramos decides to fuck off is a scary prospect.

Looks like Vallejo will be leaving - such a talented centre back who's been ravaged by injuries.
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