Djed Spence

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Pull my hair like you’re Cuti Romero

This has rattled a few Boro cages.

“Once a red, always a red”

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Pull my hair like you’re Cuti Romero
I’ll be very disappointed if this signing isn’t announced with Djed waiting at Heathrow Airport with a card welcoming the team home 😂
Well i went viral with that tweet and pic 😂😂😂 posted it on Twitter and got mentions by Lyall, Sky sports, Paul O’Keef and Fabrizio Romano. Think i got about 1000 new followers in 5 mins. My brother got the pic. Not sure who from, but he knows a few people up at Spurs. Gets the odd bits now and then
Boro - we want £15m
Spurs - what about £8m
Boro - we want £15m
Spurs - what about £8.5m
Boro - we want £15m
Spurs - what about £9m
Boro - we want £15m
Spurs £10m and some cheese?
Boro - £15m
Spurs £10m, some cheese and a pint of "one of our own" every time you're here
Boro £15m
Spurs £5m and Winks
Boro £15m and Winks
Spurs - thinking about it.
Winks - I'm scared of the north of England
Spurs - Ok Boro, £15m, go on then

Actually no.

Boro: We want £20m
Spurs: £10m
Boro: £20m or fuck off
Spurs: £10m plus addons?
Boro: £20m you bald cunt
Spurs: £15m plus addons
Boro: Ok

It’s called negotiating.


ENIC hokey cokey
Sing a I song of sixpence a pocket full of rye,

We have signed a Boro footballer, who likes to eat pies.

When the pies were gone, Spence began to sing,

Tottenham come and get me, ring a wing ding

Levy was in his counting house, counting out his money,

The Boro Chairman was in his parlor saying "here I am honey"

When the dust had settled, and both had indeed their fill.

The deal was finally done and Spence was taken off the sill.

Confused Little Girl GIF
Not to pick nits, but it really ought to be The Sixth, Spence.

We've not had 5 other Spences, FFS

Here are the full names of our other 5 signings:

Fraser Spencer Forster
Ivan Perispencic (shortened it to Perisic when he left Croatia)
Richarlison Andrade Spencinho do Nascimento
Yves Bissouma (known in Mali as Yves Sixpence)
Clement "le Spenc" Lenglet

So yeah, he's our sixth Spence.

Pay attention, dude!
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