Former players and former sportsmen in bankruptcy

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I don't know if there is a similar topic but I was struck by the parallel between former European players and former American sportsmen.

If from one day to the next you find yourself with a lot of money in your pocket, the best table in the restaurant, in the clubs, the beautiful car, the beautiful house, it's easy to have a host of clients who engage in pests and begin you to flatter.
The problem is that the merry-go-round is golden blade turns fast and the ticket price is very high.
If you think that people like Ronaldinho have come to foreclosures.
I add Cafu.
People who quit a few years ago and who were already part of a football that they played.

It's not just football.

BBC 2013


Chris Sutton
Keith Gillespie
Darren Jackson ( ex Dundee United and Celtic)
Off the top of my head
I only know about Jackson as me and my mates are off to Hamburg next weekend and when looking for transport to the airport someone came across him working for a company specialising in airport transfers
Apparently Cafu is also broken, lost his property due to legal issues and had even tô close his institute. He also lost a son last week. Ronaldinho also has legal issues over his properties and lost his passport due to the risk of leaving the country. He also is now involved in some ponzi schemes and ia friends to Bolsonaro, two of the biggest cunts in the world.
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