Fullbacks for next season poll

How do you see our fullback situation for next season?

  • Walker - First Choice

    Votes: 65 95.6%
  • Walker - Squad

    Votes: 2 2.9%
  • Walker - Sell

    Votes: 1 1.5%
  • Assou-Ekotto - First Choice

    Votes: 16 23.5%
  • Assou-Ekotto - Squad

    Votes: 20 29.4%
  • Assou-Ekotto - Sell

    Votes: 29 42.6%
  • Naughton - First Choice

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Naughton - Squad

    Votes: 45 66.2%
  • Naughton - Sell

    Votes: 20 29.4%
  • Rose - First Choice

    Votes: 13 19.1%
  • Rose - Squad

    Votes: 47 69.1%
  • Rose - Sell

    Votes: 8 11.8%
  • Smith - First Choice

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Smith - Squad

    Votes: 52 76.5%
  • Smith - Sell

    Votes: 8 11.8%
  • We need a new first choice fullback

    Votes: 40 58.8%

  • Total voters
I'm only including players who have at least been on the substitutes bench at some point this season (and I'm also including Danny Rose).

Unfortunately I'm limited to the number of poll options otherwise I would have put one about buying a squad fullback but we can work that out based upon all the other votes.

If you want anyone loaned out just select squad.

Contract Expiry
Danny Rose - 2015
Kyle Naughton - 2016
Kyle Walker - 2017
Adam Smith - 2016
Benoit Assou-Ekotto - 2015

Other professionals
Jack Barthram
Nathan Byrne
Zeki Fryers

Last Year's Voting (number of votes - players in red no longer at club)
[1st Choice]
Walker - 43
Assou-Ekotto - 42
Corluka - 1
Rose - 1
Naughton - 0
Smith - 0

Smith - 42
Naughton - 39
Rose - 36
Corluka - 20
Assou-Ekotto - 1
Walker - 0

Corluka - 22
Naughton - 8
Walker - 1
Smith - 1
Rose - 1
Assou-Ekotto - 0

Kaboul - should be considered for right back when needed - 21
Bale - should be considered for left back when needed - 16
Rose - should be considered as a winger - 8

Last season we wanted Walker to be first choice right back and Assou-Ekotto first choice left back with Naughton and Rose as backup and Adam Smith loaned out. Due to Assou-Ekotto's injury and Rose being loaned out for the season Naughton got much more game time than expected, this resulted in Walker playing the most amount of games than anyone else during the season and Vertonghen filling in at left back at times.

Corluka being kept or sold split the votes down the middle but having been sold I don't recall him being mentioned throughout the season.
Really hope Adam Smith breaks through into the 1st team. Had a good loan spell at Milwall, maybe a PL loan next year at Hull or somewhere like that could do wonders.
I am stuck when it comes to LB...I wish Benny was more consistent but he is capable of excelling and confusing in equal measures. I might be a little old fashioned but I prefer my defenders to do the simple things well but Benny doesn't do that enough.


'you middle class out of touch cunt!'
Interesting how much Benny's stock has fallen compared to last year.

And Walker, he seems to be flavour of the month with the scapegoaters....

Maybe its coincidence or it could be down to Walker playing more minutes than anyone else whilst BAE has had injury problems (played half as much this season) or is it down to the change of manager/tactics?
Benny (fit) and Walker are more than good enough. Listen, we all had our whines and curses over either. But look at all the teams below us. Hell, look at the ones above us. Realistically, none of the two can be replaced but for huge expenses.

Rose will be more than good enough to cover for BAE. It's rather a question of whether he'll be happy as a squad player at all.

Personally I am not satisfied with Naughton this season. I do realise some will find that harsh, but that is my honest opinion. Compared with, say, Rose, I don't think he has performed well over then entire season.

I can see both him and Rose wanting to move on though, as neither look anywhere near breaking into the starting XI.

Smith is a keeper. According to some of the youth romantics around this forum, he can appearently play wide right midfield as well.

I'd be happy with Walker and Smith for the right and BAE and Rose for the left for another season. Cash-in for Naughton.


Think Smith and Walker are great options on the right (with Kaboul to fill in if absolutely necessary).

On the left I think BAE's time with us is up unfortunately - whether its a relationship thing with AVB, a tactical thing or just fitness - I can see us selling sadly. Hopefully we will at least get £5-10m (who knows).

Naughton is clearly a better right back than left but would rather see smith as backup to walker therefore cash in on Naughton this summer.

That leaves Rose whose performances with te mackems warrant him given a run in the team. Fryers will hopefully be knocking on 1st team door as back up.

I would also like us to pick up an elder left back to add experience. Bit zany but I heard Eric Abidal was out of contract this summer. Haven't seen any of the games he's played since his liver transplant but could see him do an excellent transition job whilst the younger two develop.

I've prob had a bit too much to drink with that last comment but hey...
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