Gennaro Gattuso

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Would you be happy with Gattuso as manager

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#1 Supporter of Mason's Mates
Fucking back to the shit players that Mendes needs to move on so he can get a %. Can't wait for that, it worked out so well for us last time.
Great so not only is our number one choice (apparently) only success as a manager a cup in Italy whilst bottling top 4 with 2 different clubs.

He also left his recently secured job because the club he was at wouldn't let him sign a load of shit from his dodgy as fuck agent

What a fucking mess we are can see us selling Kane and Son and replacing him with 4 Gedson Fernandez esque players

ENIC need to fuck off now
Does Levy just phone Mendes and say “hey, got any more cheap trash you can bung my way?” And I thought Fonzie was a joke. This geezer is absolutely and utterly trash.
As an aside, I really, *really* do think ENIC are getting close to selling. Or at least are in the process of considering it.

This sort of lethargic ambivalence towards the team is the sign of an ownership that are close to zero fucks about footballing matters.


ESL founding member
What the fuck is going on?

Seriously, this is by far and away the most chaotic I have seen the club.

Like him and/or agreeing with his decisions or not, Levy always looked like he was in control of the situation. Based on how things are going and his PR stunt video the other day it looks like the pressure is getting to him and he is slipping.
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