Guess the date of our first signing

Hi all.

So we all know Mr. Levy and if I was a betting man I would say 48 hours before the Window shuts on the 8th of August. But I hope he ll show Pocch that he can do business earlier and allow him time to prepare a new player for the comming season. So I m gona go on a limb here and say. 19th of Juli, first Tottenham signing.

I fear first player to go will be Alderweireld early June, my guess is the 5th. But only because he has a release clause, else this would have dragged out past the english deadline and we would have no chance to replace him.

What is your guess? maybe we can make this a contest and reward the person who get s closest to the date with some perk.


I need a hero.
I reckon it'll be Monday 3rd June, first working day after the final.

Levy is a clever little sausage and knows that if the worst was to happen and we don't win on Saturday, Spurs fans will be in dire need of a boost. Announcing Ndombele and Lo Celso on the same day would work a treat.
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