Is it wrong to enjoy or even revel in Arsenals humiliation?


Trusting the process.
Exactly this and also the disrespect of the Europa League like thats beneath us! Reaching the CL final by good luck and ignorance was not all it was cracked up to be in the long run it put us or some of us in a false sense of being something of greatness that we quite clearly ain’t. If Levy and the club had taken advantage and strengthened the squad in the aftermath then fine but no we/ they thought we’d arrived at the big time in truth we should have never been anywhere near that final. Man. City, United etc are all happy with participating and winning the league cup why the fuck are we not? We’ve nowt to be proud about in terms of what we think we are better than, next season the league cup I’d be delighted if we’d win it, F.A Cup fecking cock-a- hoop with that jaysus if the league organised a tiddlywinks competition I want that as well....

We spent 160m on players in the year after the CL final in an attempt to improve (and entirley revamp our midfield!)... More than we've ever spent in a single year..... You're rambling, man.


Trusting the process. an ATTEMPT to improve..... :thumbup: worked a treat eh.

Yeh, that's how things work generally..... No attempt = no outcome. You see a problem; you attempt to solve it.

Your post makes out we rested on our laurels having got to the CL final..... That's bollocks.
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Yeh, that's how things work generally..... No attempt = no outcome. You see a problem; you attempt to solve it.

Your post makes out we rested on our laurels having got to the CL final..... That's bollocks.
Our net spend is like 400m lower than Woolwich and we have higher revenue and way higher profits

It really is unacceptable. Our wage bill is is only about 60 to 70 percent of Chelsea's and Arsenals as well.
Real Madrid are playing in Manchester Friday and yet that city is in lockdown and Quarantine from Spain. As far as I am aware it is going ahead.

Manchester currently has additional restrictions but it isn't in lockdown.

Anyone returning to the UK from Spain has to self-isolate for 2 weeks when they return but I don't think the Spanish government has imposed restrictions on people returning to Spain from the UK.
Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere but...

I've only just found out that we could get kicked out of the Europa League if we can't arrange a neutral venue if a team we've drawn at home in the qualifying rounds is from a country where there are restrictions on travel to the UK.

We could also get kicked out if we draw a team at home and then travel restrictions to the UK are placed on that team's country AFTER the draw has been made!!

It's outlined here:

Just when I thought Woolwich had already had the last laugh...


That's right but if those restrictions are applied after the draw but before the match, we still get kicked out!
But wouldn't this apply to ANY country in the Group stage as well?
I don't think it's exclusive to the qualifiers....

Oh hang on, unless COVID-19FC qualified directly into the Group stage, and is exempt from those.... so can only affect the qualifiers! Makes sense!
So basically if a team isn’t allowed to fly to England and Spurs don’t arrange to play the game in a country they are allowed to fly to, we get kicked out?

Sounds legit

I would have thought that, in a situation like this, the responsibility for arranging matches in another country would lie with UEFA.

It's their competition, they organise it and they would have the means and authority to make the arrangements.

If the responsibility is down to the clubs that have been drawn at home then what are they supposed to do?

Get out the international Yellow Pages and start ringing other clubs, begging to use their stadium at short notice??
I have to think there is almost zero chances that this rule affects any club, let alone a big club from a major league.

They sound scary but worse case scenario arranging to play at a neutral site should be extremely easy to do.
This is the wretched way some spurs fans think of Porch as a 'serial loser' which speaks volumes about us as a club when he's widely acknowledged as being our best manager in decades.
Yea its wrong to label Poch a serial loser. But the message i replied to was mocking Mourinho for now winning the cups with a team left in a terrible state by Poch. The f did people expect would happen with a team that was 14th in the league and getting battered 6-0 in the CL.
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