Is it wrong to enjoy or even revel in Arsenals humiliation?


Where Poch made us dare... José will make us do!!
I blame Mourinhos shite management for losing against Norwich. I blame Levy for blowing 2 incredible chances in the last 10 years of pushing this club on and we now seem to be backpeddling to where we were 12 years ago.
What blame do you apportion to Poch for the semis and finals he lost?
What blame do you apportion to Poch for the semis and finals he lost?
None....of course, like all the worshippers, beating Chelsea in three straight matches meant we didn’t have the squad to beat them in the cup second leg (despite beating them in the first leg).

And beating Utd 2-0 and 3-0 meant that we didn’t have the squad to beat them in the cup even though the cup loss was slap bang in the middle of our two wins over them.

Also knocking City, the PL champions out the CL over two legs meant we didnt have the squad to beat Liverpool in the final.
Pochettino had carriage of what have been widely described as the best crop of talent Spurs have had since the 1960’s and he couldn’t win anything with them. There was also the helpful situation during the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons of Chavs, Man City, Man U, Bin Dippers all in a state of flux at same time more or less - all sacking managers across those two seasons, Woolwich dying a slow death under Wenger and we still couldn’t capitalise.


Moaning isn't moaning if its about our other fans.
I knew you'd pipe up. Please explain to me why the man that put the cones out for guardiola can win a cup but your god poch could not tactically win when it mattered? How much money was needed for poch to not play vorm or son left wing back
Jesus look at that team today and they won and you think poch needed another 500 million from Enic to win a trophy
Huh? Poch was only here a few years. Many other managers failed under ENIC. Why do you always make it about poch's tenure.
Also if poch is as bad as you say then its another poor managerial appointment from levy & enic. You can keep blaming the managers especially poch. But the constant is enic & levy. & they pick these so called awful managers.
Fact is in nearly 20 years we have a league cup which is poor. Make it about 1 manager who was here for probably just a quarter of it all you like. The facts speak for themselves. 1 trophy in all these years. Your argument is crap.
We will see how Poch does with some crazy money, “apparently” Newcastle’s man if they get bought out...he will be well received in Newcastle for sure with his kind of football....But Christ another team with massive spending power is all this league fucking needs🤦🏻🤦🏻
Why does he need crazy money. Is that Woolwich team better then our team that lost the 2 f.a cup semis. He never learned and tactically was not good enough to get the job done
What is the actual value of an FA cup win compared to having the best stadium and biggest club shop in the world??

Some people need to get their priorities straight. Who cares about trophies? It’s not about that is it??

You can buy our elite shirt for 155 dollars and free shipping to the US.

Or just £100 in the UK.

If you don’t buy one of these shirts can you even call yourself a true Spurs fan??

To Dare is to buy ...... or something or other.
I think Poch was simply conveying the instructions from ENIC at the beginning of the season - focus on competitions that maximize our profits - CL and PL

However - we still had more than enough talent to win either domestic cup at least once - its unforgivable

Culture, luck, belief, desire. Something somewhere is missing. I hope José finds it.

Look at the team that lost to Portsmouth at Wembley, a relegated club in administration.

What a shit show that day was.


Moaning isn't moaning if its about our other fans.
So why park the bus again relegation fodder ? our performance against Norwich was awful .Easy to talk about winning every competition we are in , but fact is we were knocked out of the fa cup by an awful Norwich side, all due to Mourinho's negative tactics . A mediocre mid table side have just won the fa cup , so the chance for a trophy was there .
Yeah I think a lot of people assumed as we had mourinho in charge he would go all out for trophies & win them. But the evidence this season doesn't support that. I wouldn't be suprised if we don't get really far in a cup next season either.


We weren't told there would be zero impact. It was said that regardless of us spending less we would still operate in the trf market and tend to the squad.

I think you've mis interpreted the notion of paying for itself.... In years to come as it generates higher income levels; yes.... But how do you figure it pays for itself during the building phase? That would be gibberish.....

" “Daniel Levy said no. The fact that stadium costs had risen does not impact that number. Levy said that with a debt of £637m, subject to reasonable assumption on interest rates, the net spend on players would not be affected. There is a certain amount the club wants to invest in the team. If players are sold, that amount increases.” - 2019

Transfers safe despite rebuilding, Levy tells fans -2016

Be honest.
we will always be perennial bottlers until we win something. no ifs or buts. and audi cup don't count

Historically, we were a good club when it came to closing it out. We won all 7 of the first FA Cup Finals we appeared in and of our 9 FA Cup finals, the loss to Coventry in 1987 was the only one lost.

We won 3 of the first 4 League Cup Finals, we played in, the only defeat in extra time to Liverpool in 1982 after they got a very late equaliser in ordinary time.

We won 3 of our first 4 European finals, the loss to Feyenoord in 1974 the only blip there.

At the start of the 1990's, only Liverpool had won more trophies than us in the post WW2 era in England.

Its been an utter shit show in the EPL era though, when it comes to the whole Spursy thing. Fair enough, we were dismal for a decade and a half, in fifteen consecutive seasons, we didn't finish in the top 7 even once between 1990/91 and 2004/05. Over the last 15 seasons though, we've finished inside the Top 5 on 11 occasions, two more 6th placed finishes and its 2008/09 since we finished outside the Top 6. We're not in a position to invest like the Chavs and the two Manchester have done to win or even contend for European Cups and leagues, year in year out. Opportunity did present itself in 2015/16 and 2016/17, when we had a bloody good collection of players and all of the big guns were in various states of flux.

Whatever the merits of the arguments over Enic/Levy level of investment to fund League title and European Cup challenges, as a Top 6 side for 11 seasons running, we should have won at least one FA Cup or League Cup. The buck for semi final defeats to a Portsmouth side in administration, getting relegated, to Crystal Palace any number of times in the FA Cup, Norwich and Colchester and the whole Spursy thing lies with management and players.
That’s exactly it mate, lack of bottle and a losers mentality this club have adopted. This is why it pisses me off when Spurs fans put down the league cup. What right does any Spurs fan have to put down any cup competition, considering we win so little. If we would of won a league cup, I’m pretty sure with the team we had, we would of gone onto bigger success as the club would of got the monkey off their back and acquired an actual trophy. I am fed up of it.
Well poch used to dismiss the cup competitions, strange that he adopted that attitude seeing as he failed to win anything.
Arteta 7 months , wins Fa cup

Spurs - 29 years , 21 different managers since last Fa cup

honestly we are a joke.

And in true Spurs tragic comedy fashion, the only two pieces of silverware in the 28 seasons of the EPL era have been delivered by probably the two most unpopular of the 21 managers - George Graham and Juande Ramos.
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