Ledley King

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wharrgarbl 💫
"It's something I will get back into, hopefully going into next season," King told Press Association Sport.
Seeing as its his birthday, what's everyone's favourite Ledley moment? I expect most will say the Robben tackle or the Carling Cup win which have probably been mentioned in this thread over and over but is there anything else that stands out?

For me I always enjoy seeing his opener against Woolwich at white hart lane in the Jol/Lasagna season. The game ended in a draw but the commentary was very fitting "Ledley King! And he is the King of North London!"

It's funny how you often remember goals for the commentary, one that sticks out for me as well was a Robbie Keane goal the following season against Woolwich. I just remember Robbie going absolutely crazy and the commentator saying "And that's what a Tottenham Hotspur goal means, when it comes against Woolwich" For some reason that line always stuck with me.

Anyways, favourite Ledley moments? (Except the obvious)
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