Ledley King

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it kills me to watch one of the greatest centre backs of all time, who gave his everything to this club,
watch his career end come closer and closer...
i would willingly donate my knees to ledley king to help extend his carreer!!!!
long live the the real king
there is a video on youtube, (trying to find it) where at the end ledly says he is worried cos this is the first time his contract has almost come to an end. i feel so bad for him. what an absolute legend of a man :)
I had a dream the other night that Ledley phoned me for advice after Levy had refused him a contract and wanted him to do a pay as you play.

As I was in the process of arguing with an Apprentice winner, whilst trying to figure out who had stolen half my bathroom and also why I was living in America, I asked him to call me back when I had more time to discuss it with him.

Imagine the ovation after his last game at The Lane...
The man is, well, not a man: he is a living God. The best defender in the country at this time, even with his f-d up knee. One of THE BEST players ever to pull on the shirt. I love him. I hope that when his career does end that the club keeps him in some kind of function/role.
Rodney Marsh @RodneyMarsh10

If Ledley King's career had not been dessamated by injury he would be the greatest defender since Bobby Moore

Marsh is a cock, but he recognises the skillz.
Magnificent player and a freak of nature. It will be a sad day when he retires - as long as he can do a job for Spurs, we should keep him. He is the closest thing a player can come to be the club in the modern age.
CJM said:
Has he got any kids? We need this man to breed for the future of football. Imagine another King...


Coby be his offspring name. Rumours were that Ledders held his new born son over an Estate in N17 and said "Look, Coby. Everything the light touches is our kingdom. One day, Coby, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king."
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