LIVE! Spurs v Anderlecht (1984 UEFA Cup Final) #TheLaneTheFinale

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'you middle class out of touch cunt!'
Thursday afternoons, Facebook live, Thursday afternoons, Facebook live, .........
Bloody hell Hoddle, do something with the ball, bloody wimping out of challenge after challenge

Galvin's done bugger all as usual , sell Hughton to spam he's shit, Parks is so over rated.

Done with this shit, sooner Burkinshaw is gone the better

If TFC match threads existed in 1984......
Roberts there not wanting the bloke to get in the ref's book. Nowadays CB would be rolling on the floor as if hit by a snipper bullet, trying to get the oppo sent off
Anyone else noticed that Archibald seems to be wearing a dress? His shorts are so short, that his untucked shirt completely covers them!
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