Match thread: panathinaikos vs tottenham (europa league)

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boneycrisp said:
apparently it's a very difficult place to go, but they said that about Old Trafford

Panathinaikos has been pretty damn awful this season. Major financial issues resulting in the club now being fan owned, having had to release a lot of players in the summer and bring in youth players.

At the risk of jinxing this I fully expect us to get a win. :avbshock:
I can see him resting a couple of the main players, but generally keeping a strong team:

Would be nice to see Bale and Lennon rested too.

I have weekly meetings on Thursday night. May have to miss this weeks because of an 'essay I have to write'
zin said:
vadimivich said:
Fuck them. Orthodox Brothers for life.

[ Image ]

What's this pious bullshit about then?

Spartak Moscow, Red Star Belgrade and Olympiakos are the "Orthodox Brothers" and support each other in European matches - as well as actively supporting against Partizan, CSKA Moscow and Panathanaikos.

There will be some Russians and Serbians at the stadium supporting Tottenham, because it's a European match featuring Panathanaikos. Considering I'm Spurs and Spartak, it's a great combination for me.


Just Do It
Walker - Daws - Caulker - Naughton
THudd - Dembele
Townsend - Glyfi - Bale

Subs: Dempsey, Falque, Verts, Smith, Mason, Lennon, Gomes
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