Matt Doherty

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Of course.

I'm only joking. Just enjoy seeing how quick people come to the defence of Doherty when Aurier would just regularly get abuse.


Or it could be that, unlike Aurier, Doherty has only played a handful of games for us ?

Aurier has played well lately, has cut out the calamitous mistakes, and therefore has warranted his place in the side.
Yeah, the answer is black and white :)

Lo Celso got a free pass for being constantly injured as was hailed the answer to our midfield. Whereas Ndombele is lazy, fat, unmotivated, can't run etc etc etc

Ndombele was hopeless last season. He shouldn’t be above fair criticism, especially given his price tag.

I hope he comes good because everyone can see he has a lot of potential. He takes risks so will always have a few mistakes in him, so I prefer it when he plays a little higher up the field. Hojbjerg will hopefully give him a bit more freedom to play.
Doherty will offer us plenty this season, new team and not used to playing RB in a back four. Needs to clean up that 1v1 defending though.


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Wasn’t to impressed with him today, gave away to many easy balls, but it’s to early to write him off and not sure many clubs have a better 2nd choice RB then him?
He's a good player. He signed August 30th, went straight to Ireland duty and came back a couple days before the season. Then couple of games, international break again. He also plays in a new role. He's played pretty poorly but, he'll come good when he settles in.
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