Neil Ruddock

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Whether it’s true or not, I remember Stan Collymore - in his autobiography I think - talking about Ruddock when they were both at Liverpool.
Both were injured and doing rehab in the gym working with the physios.
Ruddock was supposedly told to run on a treadmill for a set amount of time but when the physios went off and left him to it he ran for a bit then went and sat down and ate a sandwich and read the paper.
He hopped back on a few minutes before the physios were due back and poured a bottle of water over himself to make it look like he was sweating heavily.
The physio apparently came back in and praised Ruddock for his hard work.
Whether it’s true or not who knows.
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When Player/assistant manager at Swindon nearly 20 years ago he rinsed the club, was a useless fat waster who was often found leading the youth team astray on pub crawls and when not doing that (he was always injured) was found in O’Neils drinking Guinness. Has a pint glass with £20’s in it and often gave them to any alki hobo who asked him for a drink.

then there was the story of the kit maker not having any shorts which fit him the fat fuck (had to be bespoke).
Didn't he once say he regretted breaking Andy Cole's leg cause he only broke one of them and wanted to break two?

that's Cu*t talk for me. the man can do one. That's animal behavior.

no respect for him ,he can do one.
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