No Balloon d’Or this season

Odd to me that they wouldn’t award it this season. Despite the delay they’re were no games missed Lewandowski was a shoo in for it in my opinion.
Ballon d'Or 2020 award cancelled by organisers France Football
Few ideas about this, in no particular order.

Lewandowski probably would of won it, not either of the poster boys that have made it into a cartel over the past decade.
It's a French magazine and the French league finished the league early.
They can't have their big fancy piss up to go around glad handing execs and players.
It's a cheap easy way to come across as a caring and sympathetic company, not the bunch of money grabbing bastards they are.
Not worth its own thread, so I put it here.

The Premier League Player of the Season candidates are:
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • Kevin de Bruyne
  • Jordan Henderson
  • Danny Ings
  • Sadio Mane
  • Nick Pope
  • Jamie Vardy
I hope they give it to the Goalie for once.
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