Now is not the time

I don't think there is a problem with constructive criticism, we're humans not drones.

The problem I have is that some folk think we're meant to feel real anger or resentment to the club for not winning silverware. I just don't see the point of that, it is what it is.

I disagree with a few posters on this thread but I wouldn't try to shut them down, we put across our view and people can see where they are on the spectrum, because I think most sit somewhere between the content and disappointed positions.

One of the key points of the article boils down to this, if you support this club, overall (not every match, I know!) you should enjoy it, if you really don't and the club can never be what you want it to be, it's probably not for you.
Having expectations of silverware when you have one the best teams in the league isn’t being entitled. Placing no expectations on such a side is what is odd as is fighting those on the supporter base and media who do.
But's that what you suggested though is were asking for supporters to apply pressure to the club to get trophies...I'm asking how you're supposed to do that without looking like a cunt...
I will take any cup at this stage - I’m despite for us to win the FA cup. It’s absolutely criminal that Tottenham Hotspur have gone nearly 30 years since our last win.

As I said earlier in the week - there is no hiding place for Poch now. The stadium is finished, we have spent big this summer and we still have an excellent squad. It’s time for him to deliver.
That's not answering the question though, how exactly is this no trophy protest going to go?
Why is the Hoods opinion so I'm palatable for some of you guys ?

I don't share his opinion at all but I can see how such opinions can be formed , as far as I can tell he's not abusive or particularly condescending.

I find some of his views a bit condescending and probably concern myself too much with the notion that Pochettino has 'nowhere to hide' as it's just hyperbolic. That doesn't mean he should be shut down, I'm open to debate even if I can't see myself agreeing any time soon.

Any club with more than 3 fans is going to have varying opinions, even if they're terribly misinformed and deeply misguided.

There, I can be magnanimous...

In the same way it is displayed when we play unattractive football it’s made known to the club that it’s unacceptable. AVB has one of the best win ratios as a Tottenham manager and yet the supporter base riled against it across a range of mediums ( and Levy even acknowledged this in his end of season notes at this time).

Tell why is the supporter unwilling to accept unattractive football and make it know but comfortable with the club entering its longest silverware drought since the ‘30s?
I think the 6-0 and 5-0 hammerings had more to do with it...

Radical Rei

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Nah.... "most" haven't been found to be saying as much thus far this window.
You should try talking to people outside of this very select forum.

From the Spurs and (other football fans) I've talked to I hear the same thing over and over again. Poch must win something to be a truly great manager and their right!
I take you also complain about the endless accolades levelled at Pochettino as well then? Im a drop in the ocean compared to that - you must take huge issue with that level of repetition.

I had a very similar situation when I went to a restaurant and the peri peri chicken was not hot enough yet everyone heaped praise on it and even though the meal didn't meet my expectations TripAdvisor had the gall to give it 5 stars, I can't tell you how disappointed and robbed I felt. Therefore I wrote a stinging review and gave them 2 stars, that will teach the bastards...

Have you had an experience in life where something you wanted didn't happen?

Go on show us on the doll where he touched you...

Jeremy Kyle is waiting for your call...


Trusting the process.
And there you have it.

Best spurs team in a generation, brand new 60k stadium and that’s the expectation level.

Your "expectations" are futile if they don't take into account what's going on around us too....

In case you hadn't noticed the richest team 'ever' won the domestic treble last year.

Meanwhile another team that finished above us pipped us to the ONLY other trophy available to us.

We're not categorically the best team in the country so to DEMAND (expect) a trophy is delusional entitlement.
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Trusting the process.
And as always we come full circle, this from before.

And you thought I didn't understand the point.

I think I pretty much got the point spot bollock on.

I'm done.

In a nutshell, the standard synopsis of any discussion with Hood....

Someone championed him for sparking interesting debate on an earlier page.... That's bollocks... If one zooms out a little, he simply DOESN'T debate.

His presence is like treading in shit.... Sure you'll take time to clean it off your shoe, but it's an entirely unwelcome use of one's time.
Perhaps the next generation of Spurs supporters won’t be such cowards - terrified of disappointment, unwilling to place any credible expectations on talented sides.

I know and I, for one, can't wait till everyone who supports the club with your level of entitlement and distain.

I can't wait to protest outside the ground when we only beat Southampton by a single goal.

I can't wait to burn an effigy of poch when we only draw at Barcelona in the champions league.

I can't wait looking back at how cowardly it was to enjoy going to the football with friends and family, sharing laughter because I wasn't always finding a reason to be annoyed at the club.

I look forward to your dystopian future of entitlement and anger.


Well, the writer was me!

And I haven't forgotten those who are new to the experience, if you have only been watching Spurs for 5 or 6 years, I envy you, you have decades ahead of you watching Spurs and it will be fantastic, you will see us do great things and see us fail too, that's the nature of supporting any club and perhaps why any given moment in a club's history can be taken out of context.

I am honestly not trying to patronise you or anyone saying how they should think about Spurs but in a few years time, have a read again and see if it chimes with you, you might be surprised.

Great read mate!
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