Other clubs you have a soft spot for

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FC Schalke. Where i'm from, the Bundesliga was the most accessible league growing up. Before the Bayern dominance, those late 00's-early '10s Schalke teams were always great to watch.

RC Lens. I spent a couple semesters studying in France, friend I made there was a Lens fan, he brought me to 5-6 homes games. They were a 2nd division team at the time, but atmosphere there was great nonetheless.
Northampton Town lived there for 3 years in my twenties, befriended a die hard Northampton Town fan and he used to give me his Dad's season ticket when he couldn't make it.

Ended up doing a couple of away games with him too.

Always desperate for us to draw them in the cup.
Soft spot is different from second team IMO.

Second team you might watch every now and again e.g. a local non or lower league club, or somewhere you have a historic tie to for some reason. Hitchin Town, Bedford Town for me as local non league clubs growing up. Would watch them and support them but Spurs always take priority.

Soft spot is just a team you don't find that offensive or admire for the way they do things - ultimately you don't give a shit and no geographic or historic links needed. Teams like Brentford, Nottingham Forest, Derby, Sheffield Weds, Union Berlin for me.


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For whatever reason I’ve always had a soft spot for the smaller London teams, like Orient, Fulham and Brentford… and even QPR. Basically, they’re not Chavs or Spam or Goons.


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I don't have a soft spot for them, but I hope Derby survive. That would be the biggest club to go under so far I think.
I want them to stay up and Reading to go down. Reading are the opposite of a ‘soft spot’ for me. I hate them for no real reason. They’re like a really shit version of Leicester.


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Used to follow Lazio because of Gazza , had multiple shirts down the years but don't really watch them that much anymore.
Agree with CSWY CSWY about the smaller London clubs (don't have a problem with any of them )
Napoli, Ajax, Aris, Dresden, Knicks, Dolphins.

Weird mix of underachievers along with Spurs but at least Ajax win something regularly
Like 3x Europacup 1, 1 x Champions League, 1x UEFA Cup, 1 x European Cup winners Cup, 2 x Super Cup? Would like to swap budget with Spurs, but rather not the trophy cabinet.
Fraserburgh, Aberdeen (local teams growing up), Benfica (thanks to the good lady wife who is a Benfiqista!) and strangely Union Berlin!
No real reason for UB - couldnt stand all the hipster St Pauli, Bayern and Dortmund too obvious!
For me I’ll always have a soft spot for Marine AFC. Also for long time listeners of TFC I guess we’re all fans of Gilport Lions FC, formerly known as Botswana Meat Commission FC.
From the latest Trust newsletter.

Marine presentation
Rob White represented the THST Board at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on 18 March when Marine fan group The Crosender Way presented a thank you award for the fundraising efforts of Spurs fans after our behind-closed-doors FA Cup tie against the non-League side two years ago.

Due to the money raised, Marine AFC has been able to fast forward its 10-year plan in the past year. Among the things achieved are:
  • Updating a lounge at Marine’s stadium with a modern kitchen and TVs and additional seating; something that will allow the Club to operate a source of revenue seven days a week. The outside has a flagged patio area with additional outdoor seating.
  • Modernising the main function room, allowing the club to generate more income.
  • Moving on with plans to install a 3G football pitch for Marine’s teams and the local community to enjoy all year round.
  • Advancing plans to include a roof and seats for the Crosender Road stand.
  • Employing eight full-time members of hospitality staff.
  • Employing a full-time general manager to oversee the operations of the Club’s day-to-day business and hospitality.
  • Employing a full-time admin officer to oversee other areas of the football club.
  • Employing a scout and additional members of the coaching staff for the men’s first team.
  • Improving equipment and transport for the men’s, U23’s and women’s teams.
In addition, a number of players are now under contract and the Club has made its first player signing involving a transfer fee since 1995.

The charity side to Marine AFC has been able to offer more events to the Crosby and wider community, including a heavily subsidised Wednesday Cafe afternoon, line dancing classes and yoga, while still providing free lunches delivered by volunteers.

Once again, a big thank you to every Spurs fan who contributed. Your efforts have really made a permanent difference.
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