Other matches fred 2018/19


You gotta trust ole Gibbsy.
Shame of a result, Mexico were just opportunistic with their chance. That was one of the better US performances I have seen in a little while during the first half, we just couldn't score. Started off really well and then lost the plot especially in the last 10 minutes.
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Damn shame how it played out though... we could (should) have been out of sight in the first half, and we lived to rue those missed chances.

Dos Santos and Guardado really controlled the game in the second half, and instead of trying to play some of the decent stuff that we did in the first half we resorted to shithousery and long balls and got punished for it


Where Poch made us dare... José will make us do!!
Oh, actually I started this season's one, so I get it now!! hahaha, oh Wellsey Wellsey he's got me on ignore.

Bad news for him is I've already started the forthcoming season's thread! 😂
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