Other matches fred 2018/19

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Anything wrong with male on male fellatio?

Not as far as I've said.

Edit: Have City even got a cock???? :kanehand:

Noticed that Dunfermline play their first friendly on Saturday. It is still June. I suppose their cup competition starts before the League games. That will be why. But June. Far too early.


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Special goal by Lucy Bronze for England Women. Cruising now into a matchup vs France or the US. Should be a cracker. Spain - France U21 is 3-1 now and Spain don't look like letting the French back in this.


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I missed the first half but all the Argentine people I follow on Twitter seem to be saying he had a very good half
He's had a good one playing as a RB. 3 ballsy tackles that have been checked by VAR. Gotten away scot free with near picture perfect tackles each time.

He's a little daredevil which I am sure Poch loves.
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