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That was one of the best CL finals of recent memory, especially the first 60 minutes, an absolute quantum upgrade on the shitfest us and Liverpool served up last year. Two teams well coached, tactically well set up, with outstanding attacking threat at each end.

I thought Tuchel got his tactics spot on for that first 60 and Flick also didn't blink in terms of his ethos, this game was beautifully balanced for that hour, both teams having the capability to hurt the other, but both working extremely hard without the ball, which for PSG, who coast through most of their league games was actually pretty impressive to see.

I think PSG are fucking unlucky to lose this game. Their X/G (1.8) was actually double Bayern's (0.8) and PSG had better chances and should definitely have had a penalty. That's not to say Bayern weren't also worth winners, they proactively tried to control the ball, but where they really impressed me was the way they shut the game down for the last 30, clever tactical fouls and the pressing for that last 30 was absolutely phenomenal - one of the more impressive things I've seen this year. Flick outthought and tactically bettered Tuchel in that last half hour with his in game management and choices.

Really good, high calibre final though.


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PSG - Lyon? Anyone? Didn't think there was too many cultured folks up in here. Since no one is watching you just missed the most intelligent play ever by Lyon's English striker.

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Is there ever going to be an inquiry into Bayern's insane dodgy fitness programmes?

Warum? Jeder Mann kann den schrecklisch Duft riechen.

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Dies ist eine einfache Fahrkarte zur Hölle.

I like to get einfache Fahkarte ito a convo if I can.
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