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This guy any good? Is he any better than Five Five 's favourite Reguilon? Was somewhat surprised PSG moved Bakker on (BL?). Not that I saw much of him but he did seem to have a decent engine.

Haha. No one beats Five Five 's boytoy, Reggi. I’ve been a little disappointed, too passive at times considering the cover in Sporting’s 5 defender system. I can definitely see the appeal. Big, strong and fair amount of pace and considering he’s only just turned 19 he could become one of the better LBs
If anyone was in any doubt how much money PSG have then now all gone.

For them to be able to reject a 140 millions pound offer for Mbappe, who is in the last year of his contract is quite astonishing.

Well astonishing if you are not bankrolled like PSG are.

With all the respect to Pochettino but what part of success is training under such circumstances as opposed to money alone?
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