Poch coming back to Spurs?

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Do you think Pochettino would be a good choice for our next coach?

  • Yes

    Votes: 175 60.3%
  • No

    Votes: 115 39.7%

  • Total voters

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Apologies mrs p - that bloody X button is right where I place my thumb to scroll down the page on my mobile - I do have previous on this. - likewise apologies to anyone I inadvertently disagree with
Post corrected apologies again mrs p
Thanks sweetie, never had so many x's in one go, since Dennis went AWOL ;)


My heart says I'd love poch back. Amazing bloke and amazing memories.
My head reminds me he was sacked for a reason so it's tricky.
Can I have poch and £300m to spend with a DoF and a great scouting system? If so, I'm in, however, it's not happening so he should stay away and not mess up those amazing times (minus the last 9 months or so of his tenure)


Thanks sweetie, never had so many x's in one go, since Dennis went AWOL ;)
Season 9 Nbc GIF by The Office
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