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Also voice recording of him forcing her to have sex is on Reddit which I haven't and won't post

Welcome Mason Greenwood #PrisonFC

Disgusting individual who has probably just ruined his career. There will be major backlash from this, Liverpool and Man City fans will make sure of it.
The Man Utd fans revelled in the news regarding Mendy and went in on the club.. They will get this back in spades.


Destroy the scum!
Edit: Second thoughts - I won’t post it

Full video with audio at end.

Warning - the audio (well the whole thing tbf) is very upsetting.

Jail for Greenwood please and I hope he gets the stuffing beaten out of him daily.

Brave from his girlfriend to collect and post this. Also stops the rat cunt from going down the super injunction route.


I was sent this earlier today from a friend, he was sent it by his brother who is a United fan. I think the audio and pictures are so bad that even United fans want him locked up. Vile person. Surely his career is over and hopefully he’s in prison for 20+ years.
I wonder why the instagram post has been taken down? It’s all out there now, but I hope she’s not been “nobbled” already by someone with a vested interest. Hopefully the Police have advised her to remove it while they investigate.
I only read about what he had done this morning but I just listened to the video.. Oh my god that made me feel sick. That poor girl.
I hope he never plays football again and rots in prison.


Smart from the girl Harriet Robson. By recording it and also showing the pictures of the beating and rape she has prevented the police fucking it up or the club or player’s lawyers putting in a injunction.

The evidence is clear and for all to see that he is guilt. The police and courts will now be expected to do their job and stick him in jail and the player will not be able to play again while on bail. The abuser has been nailed.
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