Ray Clemence RIP

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"Honka Espoo... We'll see you next year....."
Alan Brazil paying tribute now on TS....

Not often Darren Bent's show is worth a listen, but it is right now.


Incredibly sad. I'm of an age where I only remember him as a Spurs player but he had an incredible career before that too, even with Shilton around.
RIP Ray.

I was at Wembley for his debut in the 81 Charity shield against Villa, he unfortunately made a bad fumble and dropped the ball for villa to score, didn't see him make many mistakes after that though.
Ray was the best goal keeper at the club since Pat Jennings.
He was immense and strangely the greatest match I saw him play was against us.
It was early 70s and we got a draw at Anfield, so we got a replay at WHL. We threw everything at him and he saved it. Don't remember the exact result, but I think we lost 0-1. I went home that night and absolutely hated him.
However I was overjoyed when he signed for us and even when he let one slip through his hands against Barcelona, the crowd cheered him because he had saved us so many points. Great loss today, so soon after Martin Peters.
Probably this one from FA Cup

06-Mar-71F.A. Cup 654,731ALiverpoolD0-0
16-Mar-71F.A. Cup 6®56,283HLiverpoolL0-1
My first visit to Anfield was on his first return and have to give it to them, the kop gave him an amazing welcome when he came out for the second half.
Not often you find players retaining affection like that, he was a great player and a special man.
Although we lost, that was a very special away day for me. Week before we were to play QPR at Wembley so we were in a great mood. Then Hod put us in front from 30yds (youtube it), Clem's reception in 2nd half, only to be followed by 3 goals for them that won them the title. Atmosphere was something else all round. I still recall 'you can stick your f...... trophy up your arse, you can stick...' as they paraded it past us.
Only other one that springs to mind, was in the Charity Shield against Villa.
One for England against the Scots too, Dalglish's shot went through his legs but it was pretty close and the whole goal to aim at. Over the years it's a pretty phenomenal record. I can recall a load more mistakes by Shilton for England. And no way would Maradonna ever scored the "hand of dog" goal. Clem would have anticipated him coming through, got there early and destroyed him.

Lots of LFC oldies saying he was the best they ever saw. Patrolled his box at a time when keepers just didn't do that. He'd have had a very good career in the modern game.
Never got to see him play but my Dad and Grandad always raved about him and were convinced he was better than Shilton.

However, I did see the season he was co-manager in 92/93. It was a difficult transition season having lost Lineker, Gazza, Walsh and Paul Stewart in pre-season. 3 uncapped players were signed in Teddy Sheringham, Neil Ruddock and Daren Anderton with Nick Barmby, Ian Walker and Sol Campbell breaking through from the youth set up. All of them would later go on to be play for England. We finished a credible 8th that year having finished 15th under the previous management the season before.

I am not exaggerating but I honestly feel that we had periods that year when we played some of the best football I have ever seen from Spurs, we just lacked a bit of constancy. We also had one of those near magical FA Cup runs in the year of the cockerel where we beat Marlow 5-1, knocked out Norwich 2-0 away (who were top of the premier league at the time), 3-2 to the crazy gang of Wimbledon before beating Man City 4-2 at Maine Road in a cup tie that literally had everything. We eventually got knocked out 1-0 to Woolwich in the semi final at Wembley but we were cheated out of a penalty at 0-0 when Anderton who was about to go one on one with the GK was scythed down by Andy Linighan and nothing but a corner given.

Unfortunately Ray and Doug Livermore got caught in the cross fire of the Sugar / Venables debacle and were not allowed to continue their good work. The rest of the 90s were pretty bleak for Spurs and I always felt that Ray's departure was a lost opportunity of what could have been.

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