Roberto Soldado

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Will never unsee this.

Lovely from Lamela. Shocking from Chadi and it really highlights how low on confidence Soldado must have been at this point that he didn't just bury it.

To think, a year later he was gone and we are competing for a league title.
There's a lot of love for Soldado who cost a bomb and did jack shit for us but so much hate for other players who cost very little and give/gave much more...weird really

It is weird - would say, a lot of it is down to the players attitude and application, but when you look at the amount of hate, someone like Winks gets, who is always putting in the effort and seems like a nice guy, then that's not backed up.

Personally, I have no love for Soldado, because as you mentioned he didn't do anything for us. But I always had the impression he gave it his all here, and for one reason or another just couldn't hack it, so I have no bad feelings towards him. Just disappointed, it didn't work out as we all hoped - but on the other hand, if it had, who knows what would have happened to Harry Kane.
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