Sod the negatives........Post the positives to a Champs Lge Final......

Experience paid off tonight, not Liverpool's, mine, I took it philosophically, hoped for the best, got the worst. It's the nature of football. Good thing is we turned up, gave it a go, beaten but not bowed. I'll take that.
It’s gonna take me a while to get over it but can’t say I’m not proud of the team. I love spurs too much which is my problem. Was kinda relying on us winning the CL to make me feel more positive about my life, battling depression but now I’ve got a bird and family and friends that love me I’ll take that. We will win something soon!! It’s the hope that kills you.
First ever CL Final, Fans were magnificent far louder than the Dippers, we can be proud of what we've achieved because we didn't cheat, didn't whine, didn't brag ... we just got on with doing things our way

'It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.'

Today still had an echos of glory, none of us will forget it whether we were in Madrid, in NWHL, in the Pub or watching at home ... onwards and upwards ... COYS
Positivs: with var next season we won't have decisions like today helping Liverpool.
If you can believe UEFA officials are bent then you can believe VAR operatives are bent. Where does the conspiracy end?
At the risk of repeating myself, the good thing is we turned up, gave it a go, beaten but not bowed. I'll take that.


The prodigal son.
Still get to make fun of Woolwich playing Fuck Knows FC next year, them idiots brand new carpet, or Uniteds 350k/week bench warming flop... The only way is up lads...


[ Tiers Of A Clown ] Announce Hebzebenese

We got to a CL final.

The journey getting there was an epic roller coaster of a ride with some immense heroics, heaps of emotion and moments of quality along the way.

Memories that will last a lifetime.

Could easily have won, but alas we didn't.

I'm not bitter.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Caught up with a couple of friends that I haven't seen for years.
WHL full to the rafters with Yids only.
Got valuable experience of playing in the CL final, which will auger well when we are in it next year.

If you like the sight of a shower of hateful scouse supporting bastards constantly out about in their shitey rags spewing about how good the four eyed Nazi is, you're in for a treat.
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