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Smolik said:
Habanero said:
Smolik said:
Love the Can't Smile Without You idea, I may have to steal that

Might get mistaken for a Barry Manilow fan.

Mistaken? In fact I may get the lyrics to 'Oh Mandy' as a full back piece to avoid any confusion

I blame 'Have I Got News For You' for my linking Mandy = Peter Mandelson. Don't forget to post pics. :smile:
Part of the reason I never drink to excess is fear of what kind of shit I'd get done. I'd love something understated to show my support but my mind can be a little fucked up at times and I have visions of me going in and getting this dude on my stomach

along with the phrase "Fudd Life"
My dads one is alright i suppose. He has the old chirpy carrying the FA Cup with all the years we've won it below on his upper arm.

Also got a few mates who have full length back tattoos of the cockerel. Actually, one of them always gets it out in the green man at Wembley, some of you may have saw it. Im personally not too fond of that one, as its the cockerel i don't like, the other mate has the old fashion one which is nice. Although he had it done too early and before he had finished growing, so now its a bit stretched! haha

Dad has a retro Spurs logo on the top of his right arm similar to this logo (except the cockerel is slightly more dominant than the ball). Looks quality, and is the tattoo i'd probably go for if I was going to get one (do want to, but everything I think of I have the 'what will I think in 40yrs' thoughts and scrap it). Spurs is the only thing I can guarantee will be with me for life, so i'd have to get a Spurs tattoo but nothing ridiculous otherwise you look like a knob.

Shame he's got it, I can't really copy him. Maybe i'll have it in 'tribute' to him once he's popped his clogs. :bae:
I ain't got any Spurs tatoos but all my work was done at Original Skin on Tottenham high Road (cnr Northumberland Park Ave).

Always handy if you want to get one on matchday!

Smoked Salmon

Finest human being of all time
Have none. Always been on the fence about them. Sometimes I reckon they look cool, other times a bit cheesy so never had the guts to get something that's semi-permanent.

Maybe I'll get one for a special occasion, such as if we win the league.
I'm getting one on the left side of my chest, the cockerel, except I've changed it a bit.

It's the new design but instead of the football at the bottom I've changed that to the old style circle with THFC in the middle, bit more original and at first all I wanted was THFC but then thought may as well go for it. Also getting to dare is to do underneath.

New Wave is the place to go, known about it for years.

Have a picture of it (not had it done yet) but not sure how to post it?
Bumping this as I've been thinking about getting a crest for a little while. Not sure about location but it'd either be upper chest or shoulder.

in black and white

with Audere est Facere somewhere nearby.

Checked out that facebook page and there are some shockers!
gonna get audere est facere and this is how we chill from 88 til scrawled on my arm at some point in time. just need to think of a sick way to piece the two together so i doesn't just look like i enjoy writing random bits of latin and lyrics on my arm


Where's the Kaboom?
I have few different ones (not spurs,as they they wouldnt fit with the general tribalness of the ones i have already got)

the next one I plan on getting is this:


its a buddhist mantra (the gayatri mantra), in devaranian
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