Steven Bergwijn

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I'll like this signing if it's made.

He can play anywhere up front and he's competition for Lucas, who I like but he doesn't bring enough to be an everyday starter like he's currently been under Mourinho.


Fucking pay me!!!
From SC today:
dragon1: We are trying for a couple of players before Friday one being a striker there are two main options on that front the Sociedad Lad being one
There will not be any big money signings Levy thinks fourth has gone
dragon1: again, on bale:
No deal is close.
Madrid are willing
Barnett will not consider a loan.

We have a wage cap of about 250-260 a week it’s what Kane’s on and what we offered Eriksen , right now Barnett wants much much more for his player , if bale was 25 and always fit maybe levy would budge but he is neither unless someth8ng radically changes the next 5 days he ain’t coming

Wrong thread fella...

Admin Admin
No thanks to Bergwijn, have enough erratic forwards lacking composure already.
If Jose wants someone, why are there people constantly saying “no”
It’s January, we’ve been linked with hundreds of players, signed one, on the verge of others reportedly, players likely leaving this week and people keep say “naaaaaaaaahhh”

Fuck me, I thought we was shit and had loads of injuries.
Does anyone REALLY give a fuck who we sign right now?
I don’t.

I just want people, that means we get to see thing else on the pitch.
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