Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

Who cares though?

They were playing in Championship last year and then were good enough to play in the PL for a top 4 club.

If people are crapping on Champo cloggers or whatever stupid name they used, then who cares if a guy was at Chelsea when he was 4, does that give him some special powers?

It shows that players who are in the Championship one year can go to the PL the next and perform well.
for as good as mount and Tammy were, Chelsea still went and bought havertz and Werner though.


A&C's a cunt, Hercules wanks off cats...
Just felt there was no need to quote it. I fucking hate that term. Sorry mate, just me probably.
No need to apologise, I'm sorry for any offense caused, it just seemed like a jarring term that leapt out from the tweet, no doubt due to English I assume not being Romano's first language.
I am getting excited about Bale and Reguilon etc

I do worry though every time I see a team sheet and see Toby/Dier as the CB pairings which is reality.

that area needs improving too.
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