Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

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I was asking to see if you had any particular first hand knowledge of the player beyond the rehashed boilerplate. Just wanted to know, seeing as you were so inclined to share your opinion, if it was informed or not. I got my answer.

And many around here have knowledge of Daka (not so much Sorloth) because RBS is a team of note and their players get scattered around to top teams when they leave. I personally don't and therefore wouldn't share an uninformed opinion nor some other nonsense as if it was my own.
You’re behaving as if I was giving an in depth scouting analysis of some unknown in an obscure league, not a guy who up until Conte took over at Inter was rated as one of the top upcoming centre backs around 🙄

Anyway, best we leave it there, don’t want to derail the thread, I was just answering a question and wasn’t expecting your ensuing rebuke. Good day to you.


"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
Name not long enough for the shirt, sorry no deal.

Big fan tbf.....

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