TFC Player of the year awards

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An OG from 2012
Think we should do this..obviously the players would probably never find out.

Player of the season
Most improved
Most + Least Spursy

Any other I've missed?

Ill keep tabs
Actually that would only work for player ofthe season wouldn't it, doubt Zin collates how many times we call players cunts :ade:


An OG from 2012
The season ain't over yet you cunts. This is like announcing MOTM in the 87th minute

As much as I admire your attempt to get some positive rep, the POTY awards are tonight. And no one could do anything from now to the end of the season that would warrant them getting POTS, ahead of Bale.
Bale shouldn't really get the POTY, as he has not been the most standout player this season, suarez and Carrick are ahead of him for me... One player who's pretty much kept his team at a respectable position despite how much of a cunt he is. And Carrick who's been the heartbeat of his team and guided them to their 20th title
As much as I admire your attempt to get some positive rep
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