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Not a Jose out thread, my views on that are clear. Just a rambling over my love for this club and the way we play football.

Grew up in the 90’s so seen us as shit as ever but I say but we mostly entertained. Gerry Francis Spurs typified this, average as a club but lots of fun and lots of heart attacks to go with it. I have never known much success during my lifetime but some of the football has been truly stunning. Fergie even said Redknapp’s Tottenham was the most entertaining in the league, for 2-3 seasons under Poch we where the same, best football in the league.

Every time we have moved forward from Jol to Redknapp to Poch the football has been a sight to behold. Our fans naturally reject boring football and it’s why Graham, AVB and now Jose to most fans never clicked.

We really should embrace who we, we are a fun loving team going back throughout our history. We will never thrive trying to be a pound shop Chelsea and nor should we.

When I heard Jose was being appointed I accepted it on the basis of a title challenge even if it felt wrong. Selling your soul and fuck we didn’t even sell our soul properly, we screwed that up.

Our future must be ambitious ballsy attacking football with a club from top to bottom in support of this. It’s our natural state, it doesn’t mean we will win anything but it does mean White Hart Lane will be on fire (in a good way) a lot and I can live with that. We have always been a happier fan base with an attacking manager and a positive attitude.
Most of us will be tempted to reminisce and don our rose tinted specs tonight after the abomination we witnessed and the slow motion car crash of season that’s still unfolding...

The manager was the wrong appointment from the off and needs getting rid of ASAP. Levy and ENIC can follow him for all I care.
And so can most of our shithouse, bottle job squad.

Context and personal history is key when we consider our own experiences with our football club - what they mean to us, how we see them, where we think they should be and actually are.

My expectations were perhaps a little too high growing up in the 80’s with regular trips to Wembley and some of the best players to have worn the shirt. When I first started supporting the club the double was only 20 yrs in the past. Now, when you consider that the league cup of 2008 feels like a weight on the shoulders that Double is like an anvil dropped from a considerable height..

Ive said and written it many times but I feel the rot really set in during the 90’s. As the PL revolution got underway (like it or loathe it) we were caught up in bitter squabbles and infighting while other clubs grasped the mantle and saw opportunity. Sugar was well out of his depth and we declined markedly.

from then on, whether it was appointing Gross after Woolwich got Wenger or AVB cos he seemed en vogue, Spurs have been that one step behind or rather put of step. For the last 20 yrs Levy and ENIC have struggled, the latter probably thinking this football ownership lark was gonna be a piece of piss.

They’ve built this lovely (architecturally) stadium (don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all for us and not the NFL either), ready to put us into the top tier of European football on a permanent basis. What we’ve seen tonight is the surrender of that dream. It’s over but what I’m asking myself now is, was it worth it?

It feels like we’ve sold our soul. Made a Faustian Pact. But the most galling thing is, unlike the financially doped Chelsea and Man City, we don’t have anything but tears to show for our side of the pact. We’ve sold our soul for a humiliating exit from the Thursday Cup and capitulation in the league. Back to midtable mediocrity without a shiny tin pot to parade (I’m not counting the Audi Cup).

I’d like some of the gung ho entertainment of peak Poch back please. Or even Harry’s teams. I’d love a side with the swagger and desire of the Generals. For too long now, it hasn’t felt like my Tottenham. The Tottenham I fell in love with.

I’ve got the feeling I’m not alone in feeling this...sadly
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