The Squad Player Thread - Back up options, General Whinging, Super Subs

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I think the biggest need we have at the moment in terms of squad depth/back-up is in the midfield.

The best MF option we have is Lo Celso-PEH-Ndombele. That leaves us with zero dynamic/creative/attacking options off the bench in MF. We also have zero replacement for Lo Celso or Ndombele if one is injured or needs a rest so we become so reliant on the one healthy guy. Bringing in a (young) creative MF should be a priority. Moura and Alli are the two guys I would move out to bring in money to fund the move and create space in squad for this type of player. Both guys are not needed and offer little to the team at this point.

Also, there is zero back-up for PEH meaning that he has been overplayed across all competitions and is needed to stay healthy and in top form. Skipp seems like a long term solution but should stay in Norwich where is able to have the ups and downs needed to properly develop. I think this is a spot we should look to in the January window and maybe bring in a vet on an expiring deal that we can get cheap but can provide some cover in that spot, as well as be brought on to see out games instead of guys like Winks, Sissoko and Moura.

CB is obviously a major issue but for me this is an issue at the starting level not bench. If we brought in two new starters a bench of Toby, Tanganga, Rodon and Ben as an emergency option is really good. Obviously that list does not include Dier or Sanchez who should be moved out with the two new players (ideally) brought in.

Hart is a terrible option as a back-up keeper but hopefully Lloris stays healthy so that it doesn't really come into to play. With Europa he is fine because we can dominate these teams enough that he doesn't come into to play but if we are in CL next year he cannot be our option for starting group games as he is not close to good enough and will be tested in those games.
A thread where everyone can air their controversial opinions on our squad players. Its a squad game. We need quality back up. Players that can come in and deputise in the PL and play in the cups and against lesser European games.

Lots of marmite players in this list. Why dont we keep all our bitching and moaning in a super thread.

Squad player rating

Hart 8 - very good backup keeper
Davies 7 - average
Doherty 7 - early days but looks average
Aurier - 7.5 flashes of brilliance and stupidity in equal measure
Dier - 8 good squad player
Sanchez - 7.5 see Aurier
Rodon - untested
Toby - 7 becoming a liability against pacey oppo. Can just about handle slower aerial based teams
Winks - 5 Awful, sell
Sissoko - 6 not performing. Not creative enough to play with Hojberg.
Lamela - 8 great squad player
Moura - 8 borderline 1st 11 / squad player
Vinicius - 8 looks handy
Bergwijn - 9 good call for first team spot
Bale - 9 as above
Jack Clark 6 - not for me
Dele Alli - 8 great back up, keep

Its a pretty strong second string with the obvious weakness being CB and CM.

Here's an idea.

Lets sell half these players so that way there is nobody to winge at.

We might find we don't have a big enough squad, but not being able to complain about any of the players (except their injuries from over playing ) is a big win ? No ?
Skipp will rightfully replace him next season - with Ndombele, Lo Celso and PEH finally settling in - he's finished here
We need at least 4 CT players. Right now they are Kane, Bale, Winks and a 4th choice goalkeeper. Skipp won't need to be registered for two more seasons by which time Bale may well leave. Even if Bale stays, Skipp will probably take the place of the keeper.

Plus we can always put more CT players in the Association Trained list and we'll need to as Davies, Doherty (apparently) and Rodon are considered foreign players in UEFA competitions.
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