Toby Alderweireld

He was commanding yesterday. I think he just needs the right partner with him. Sanchez is quick but not great at left CB, and Dier hasn't been good enough there either.

Rodon has the right profile - quick and likes playing left CB. I'm hoping Toby-Rodon or even Toby-Tanganga could be solutions for us.
England, Belgium and Denmark playing "important NL" matches in the next days. I'm worried, and it's not just Harry Kane. At the moment I'm really worried about Toby. He will be playing against England, Denmark and City in the same week. Toby is clearly a first team player for Jose, who has been playing him only once a week. Toby found his best form this way - and we definitely need him at his best against City.

P.S: thank God Hojbjerg scaped this - suspended for the first match.
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Mourinho on Toby Alderweireld

"It's bad. It's a muscular injury. We have three centre-backs in the Premier League but not in the Europa League where we don't have Joe Rodon. There's nobody to blame. He played in matches for Belgium they needed to win. It's just one of those things."
A bit of a black mark on an otherwise great day. Him and Dier defended superbly today, very steady and solid.
Hopefully the one injury isn’t as bad as Mourinho feared, a big schedule of games coming up.
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