Toby Alderweireld


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Will be interesting to see who gets the first shot to fill in against Chelsea. Wouldn’t surprised if it’s Rodon. Davies becomes an option I’d imagine too.

Very minimal silver lining is maybe we’ll be more willing to buy in January.


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I don’t know if he could be trusted so early.

But if Jose does go for Rodon, expect Sanchez to be sold very soon.
With the amount of games we have coming up we will have to rotate. Rodon is unable to play in the EL so you can lock him down for prem minutes and give Sanchez the EL starts. Dier and Davies to rotate on the other position until Tanganga can go I guess.


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I remember him saying Sons injury was bad against Newcastle only for him to start against Man Utd.

Not saying Alderweirelds wasn't bad but Mourinho isn't going to know much but he's the kind who probably expects the worst. I think Alderweireld will probably be out a few weeks, but it probably could have been a lot worse.

A shame to miss him for Chelsea and Woolwich though - his experience is vital.
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