Tottenham Hotspur v Ajax, Champions League Semi-Final, Tue 30th April


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Sadly, the 30 minutes we weren't good enough were the 30 minutes that cost us.

Still, that could have went a lot worse. Ajax really could have been out of sight within the opening 30 minutes and hit the woodwork when we were on top.

1 shot on target at home in a CL semi final? Shocking.

Hope Jan is alright.



I'd like to disagree, but I can't. The odd classy touch from Dele and Eriksen, but not the kinds of match-dominating performances you'd expect from players of that caliber.
Again, this isn’t’s and team in a third rate league that’s had a few massive games in the CL but have been crap tonight.

Dele should be dominating this.....why is Tadic better than Eriksen?
What? Put the ball on the 6yrd box, ask their defence to retreat to a safe distance, blindfold the keeper and then let them shoot?

What are their strengths?
When nobody tackles them or stops them passing and shooting?
No need to get all angry. I just think dele and eriksen are better at finding the quick pass to runners into the back behind the defense, which is not how we play at all with this type of lineup.
It was a poor night. No escaping that.

However, we're only one down and, considering how poor we were, we can take that.

Second half we were much better so it shows we can get at them next week.

We can still do it.

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