Tottenham Hotspur v Ajax, Champions League Semi-Final, Tue 30th April

To be honest, that could have been a fuck of a lot worse.

I never want to see that three in the back nonsense again. Alli needs dropping.

We were going to have to score twice anyway.

Llorente stealing oxygen so far, absolute waste.
We had 2 transfer windows to improve the squad, serves us right.
3 Brighton level players in CL semi final.

Fuck me sideways.
Llorente an absolute fraud.
They're just passing the ball around Wanyama like a child.

This is just too difficult to watch me.
Most here mentioned even before KO that Llorente would be useless in this match.
We're absolutely fucked here.
Will be absolutely fuming if Wanyama is still at the club by September.
Imagine if the club signed better players than Llorente and Wanyama.
No idea why am I even angry, I was not expecting anything other than a defeat after reading Wanyama and Llorente on the lineup.

We're paying the price for transfer inactivities at the worst possible stage.
Wtf Trippier
Fuck off Trippier you absolute waste of skin.
Llorente and Trippier have best Ajax players in the 2nd half.
Lucas you're playing a team sport ffs.
Alli is a bit brainless, no?
Trippier just get the fuck out of my club.
Llorente hahahahahahahaha
Our subs hahahahahahahaha
Davies, another Brighton level player that somehow managed to find himself in a CL semis
Well deserved from Ajax, nothing to complain as I wasn't expecting anything from this game.

Roll on summer transfer window.

An absolute pleasure watching a match with you MindBlown MindBlown as always!
Terrible performance. lacked quality. poor passes. poor crosses. poor shots. poor headers. Wrong tactics.

BUT I am actually happy with that result, 0-1 is ok. We score first in Amsterdam and we have the advantage. Son will be a completely different test for them, and Sissoko will start.
If we don't play fucking five at the back, don't play fucking Trippier, and Eriksen and Dele show up we can win this. Ridiculous performance for some player, Eriksen and Dele absolute gabage today, Trippier garbage as ever. Foyth and Sissoko nerds to start in Amsterdam.


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
Round 1 to them. We were better in the second half but no goals in us tonight. Need Dele and Eriksen to step it up in the second leg. Getting some players back from injury/suspension should help as well.
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