Tottenham Hotspur v Ajax, Champions League Semi-Final, Tue 30th April

For all the hype and bullshit around Ajax they looked bang average. Even when the commentators were wetting themselves in the first half about how great they looked they only created one real chance and we were basically letting them walk into our final third.

Second half they weren't even in it. I couldn't imagine us ever getting turned over by this lot if we had our first 11 out there tonight. Really annoying and upsetting that we have to settle for what could have been.
Going off the fact that Juve, Madrid and Bayern couldn't keep cleanheets away at Ajax, it's safe to assume we won't either.

So it's likely we'll need 3 goals to go through next week.

Luckily, we will have Son back and if we can score 3 goals away at City, more than capable away at Ajax.
2-1 and we're good
We are 100% in this.

Pochettino fcuked up the formation but we score first or even get to 1,-1 and we have a chance.

Play Foyth from now to end of season.

Big up to Wanyama and Sissoko and well played Sanchez, Rose and Alderweireld.

Ajax are good but not as good as we made them look in the first 35 mins.
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If we'd not been such an absolute disaster in the first half it would have been pretty straightforward to get at least a point. Second half was how I thought the whole match would be.

Watching us with zero threat up-front was painful to the eyes. Oof.
Don't know what to say. I feel drained and depressed after that. We need a bit of a miracle in the 2nd leg to go through, cause there is no way we'll keep a clean sheet there.
After all the harping on about a precious away goal that the commentators have done, I've had to think a bit. We have to beat them either way and the lowest score we can get by doing that is 1-0 which means their away goal literally matters none... If we score at home then away goals begin to matter.

Right, so match Madrid's result in Amsterdam and we are through. Should be possible and especially with Son coming back. If you had asked before the match, I wouldn't have taken 0-1 but I'd have thought about it and considering the circumstances it's not a bad result. COYS
He’s a myth and anyone who hasn’t been in some delirious state of fan boy denial could see that for the last two seasons.

It’s a division 3 player out there against CL quality that just pasted Real Madrid away and then Juve.

But do on, go ahead and tell me he’s better than these Ajax nobodies who can actually control a football and pass and shoot.
He was good last season, has been poor and hit by injuries this season. You turn your back on him and call him shit, saying you want him out of the club. You should at least support him and hope that he gets back to his best as long as he's playing in our team. You get a kick out of mocking him and calling him shit, it's easy to tell because you go all quiet when he does good. Get behind the team, loser
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