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Struck me today that what we are missing is a feel good factor to this squad. A musical one.

In the past we had chas and Dave, Hoddle and waddle. Even Gazza got in on the act with this piece of musical history

I bet every training session was like high school musical. Or maybe glee.

So in order to raise spirits who could make a great musical duo or at worst do an amazing type of cover version of some song that resonates with them??

Personally I’ think Reggie could do a Julio Iglesias number, Hugo can do a serge gainsbourg cover, Eric Dier and Toby can pump up the proceedings with House of Pain -Jump around -before finishing off with the welsh boys leading a Goldie Looking Chain singalong. Maybe Sonny would want to do a bit of KPop. Who knows. The possibilities are endless.

And all this could be done Rather than dickimg around playing basketball or cricket in their spare time.

Pretty sure once this karaoke sing along has taken place top 4 would be guaranteed.
I assure people I have a decent taste in music... and I genuinely consider this a bit of a tune. Imagine this being done these days!!

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