Video's of chants and songs from the world of football

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west sydney yid
Man Utd shirt at 4:05 :paulinhofacepalm:
I know, it gives me the shits when people wear other shirts to games.
AC Milan are the most common, then the gooners, liverpool and man utd...
although in the first season the support was so huge that they ran out of jerseys to sell so that problem isn't as big as it once was.

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This is hilarious
Have to say... that was pretty much how it used to be every Saturday for an away 'keeper...
I distinctly remember Peter Shilton being called a Wife Beater for pretty much 90 minutes when Derby came to the Lane in the late '80s... (then again, he did beat it wife up, so kinda had it coming!)

BTW, how 'English' was the last bit...? 90 minutes of FATTY abuse, and all the keeper has to do is applaud the Birmingham fans, and it's all forgotten... 'Sooooonly Baanter innit loike'?
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