We can be heroes (again) Ajax versus Tottenham Hotspur CL Semi Final Wed 8th May

This tie is a long way from dead. Throughout this campaign Spurs have bounced back. Showing extrodinary fortitude



However - should you read Sammy's heartwarming player form thread - we will lose this game and be relegated to the conference

result 1-2

Final against Barcelona

1-0 to us

You heard it here first
I assume most people are going. I am just taking the week off work. I need a holiday anyway. I don't have a ticket in the away end but never mind. I don't think the Ajax fans will be that welcoming. We may need to keep our wits about us.

On the game. We can do this. Son needs to have the game of his life. It is all on you Sonny.

Early train Tuesday to Amsterdam and a late train back on Thursday night. COYS


Ajax play a cup final on Sunday night, it could be their first piece of silverware since 2014. A few injuries or at least a tough game for them would be nice, I can't see Ten Hag resting any (key) players.


If the likes of Trippier, Wanyama and possibly Llorente are starting again, this tie is as good as over before even KO.

My only hope is Aurier and Lamela are back for this.


Willing to send post and packages
1-0 at home wasn't a bad result at all considering our injuries and performance.

2-1 win at their gaff will see us through. That is well within our capabilities.


Aurier and Son back would be a great boost.
After such an abject first leg performance, I'm surprised how optimistic I am going into this. Son to be the difference maker and shine on the biggest stage again.
I'm not sure how to feel about this game.

I think maybe we believed the hype too much about Ajax. Showed them far too much respect at the start.

Once the team got over that we played well. While losing is not great, it does make the second leg easier to approach. We have to win. We have to attack. Unlike Dortmund and city we aren't put in a difficult situation where we have to choose between trying to attack and kill the tie or trying to defend and protect what we have. The fact is we need two goals. That means them scoring doesn't change the complexity of the task too much.

Obviously the team should also take encouragement from PSV (H), Inter (H), Barca (A) and City (A). All high pressure games where we needed late goals/wins.
I've been absurdly confident about this tie from the off. Even the loss of the first leg hasn't put a crimp in my confidence. It feels a bit odd to be so calm, but i was against City and i am for this too. Just feel that its meant to be that we get to the final.

Haven't thought about the final yet, but we need to get there first. COYS!

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I would love to go to this but couldn't get a ticket :(
Pessimistic and optimistic in equal measures (as per usual!)
I prefer that we are underdogs for this, seems as though we perform better that way.
I know that even getting this far was way beyond most people's expectations, considering the ups and downs we've experienced getting here, so let's just enjoy the game and hope for a little bit of luck, which will push us through.


Willing to send post and packages

Lucas and Llorente making our attacking options from the bench a little better.

Huge games needed from Chris, Dele and Sonny.
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