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Fucking hilarious thread....

Heung Minnie Sonne and Erica Lamela simply look like they put a wig and make-up on....

I wouldn't mess with Serge Aurierelle he/she looks like a guest on Jerry Springer!

Tobi Alderwireld, Janet Vertonghen, Harriet Kane and Erica Dier look like sexy Porn quadruplets!!

Brenda Davies looks like someone I went out with once... (she was also Welsh... so I must have a type!)

Lucy Moura looks like an Eastern European Eurovision song contest entrant...

Gertrude Fernandes, Tracy Ndombele and Kylie Walker Peters have an unbeatable American tennis player look about them...

Stephanie Bergwein & Davina Sanchez simply look like lovely girls!

Joanna Foyth has something of the 'Handmaid' about her....

Olivia Skipp looks a bit trans, unfortunately!

Harriet Winks just looks underage!

Rhiannna Sessegnon looks like a sex doll!

However... Paula Gazzaniga, Delia Alli, Michelle Vorm and Gigi Lo Celso.... phwoaaaaar!

#1 most confusing thread of lockdown so far!!!!


BTW.... where Josanna Mourinho? She'd make a lovely looking fella!!!
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