You have ONE question to ask any player/staff member at Spurs, past or present. Who and what do you ask?

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"Intelligent but stupid" - Ahab
I would ask Harry Redknapp if he thinks there will ever be a boy that is born who can swim faster than a shark.

edit: Oops, someone already asked that question. Never mind, that's all I had.


Back to the 60s
I would ask George Graham how much cash he collected in public motorway services car parks and if it was a significant amount then why didn’t he treat himself to a new raincoat!


Back to the 60s
Fuck yes and despite being a straight man who is happily married, I'd sleep my way to the top, make him fall madly in love with me, take nudes of him, extort him and force him to make me CEO of ENIC to get some money pumped into the team.

You would be able to give Wanks and Siss new contracts then!
I'm honestly asking Poch how he never started Lucas in the finals after what he did in the semi. Tragedy

Or im asking Levy wtf happened the winter of Saha and Nelson

Ah none of these questions I want to ask are good im gonna stop now
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