You have ONE question to ask any player/staff member at Spurs, past or present. Who and what do you ask?

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Harry Redknapp to wind his window down?

Why we bottle big games?

Kane exactly how much will make him stay?

Dele how much his extensions cost?

Levy if the AIA could be navy?

Joe Lewis if he'll get his wallet out?


I'd like to ask the Head Groundsman if he can install small, stealthy, retractable lumps in the turf, to trip up the opposition players when they have the ball, because I'm emotionally immature.


Back to the 60s
I'd ask Levy why we didn't sign Suarez, Hazard, Lukaka, Maddison, Oscar, Van Dyke, Salah etc etc
You ask Harry the same about Hazard

There was a story that they had a long chat in a hotel and Hazard then signed for the chavs
I don’t know if there’s any truth in it!

Suarez was different in that our coaching staff at the time didn’t rate him apparently


We still have AVB Jol and Harry

We should have some of Billy Nic
Rocket Rocket is right though, isn't he? There must be a Stalinist purge of all Mourinho emojis. He shouldn't even be on Old Spurs, because the reality is, he never was 'Spurs', he was always only ever 'The Humble One'. yuk

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