Andros Townsend

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Andros Townsend..would you to keep him?

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Good luck at Newcastle Andros.

The picture of him leaving is sad, but it's a very hard business at the top and the people within it are rewarded commensurately. He'll get over it.


Feel sorry for Townsend, he let frustration get to him and it ended his chances at the club. Everyone makes mistakes. I don't think he was going to be good enough for us because although he undoubtedly has ability he never learnt to control his shot and that's something that Poch insists on judging by his signings.

After Kane, Townsend was the player I most wanted to make it at Spurs because he does love the club. But it is best for him that he is moving on and I wish him the best against everyone other than us. It will be nice to see him playing football again, and I love that this is what matters most to him, he loves to be on the pitch. Fair play for that.
I would also challenge his detractors to (seriously) name six better players to come through the youth ranks at Spurs in the last 25 years.
1. King
2. Campbell
3. Kane
4. Bentaleb
5. Rose
6. Mason

I'd say Bentaleb and Rose spent enough time in the academy to count, and would argue that Mason is 'better' considering that he's clearly seen as more valuable to the squad at this point.

Time will tell, but it also sounds like those within the club would put a higher ceiling on Onomah than Townsend. Hope they're right.

Anyway, the move is in the interests of all involved, and it looks like those on here are generally pretty respectful of his services/fandom over the years.
Hope he can play his way into the England squad for the Euros now (Roy clearly likes him).
Personally speaking I am really not fussed we have sold a player who continued to frustrate every time I watched him. I used to sigh whenever I saw he was in the 11. You knew what he was going to do as soon as he got the ball, cut inside and shoot. All defenders had to do was show him down the line. He is NOT a player for a team chasing a top 4 spot.
He made 22 starts in the premier league and scored 3 goals. and we got 12mill for him? that's a major result.
maybe the rose tinted glasses for some because he came through the ranks but not for me.
best of luck up north Andros.
Good business for all parties involved.

WIll be gutted if he finally adjusts his game and uses his talents effectively. Not likely from what we've seen though. Best of luck Andros.
Good business for all parties involved.

WIll be gutted if he finally adjusts his game and uses his talents effectively. Not likely from what we've seen though. Best of luck Andros.
I scored a cracker with him on Fifa 2015 last night. I will carry his legacy on for the remainder of my season


Ledders' Bredda
1. King
2. Campbell
3. Kane
4. Bentaleb
5. Rose
6. Mason

Ah. I'd forgotten about Bentaleb. Would personally question whether people bought at 17 or 18 count as youth team products, but that's academic. By my count it would be something like this:
1.King 2.Judas 3.Kane 4. Carr 5. Mason 6. Townsend

Regardless, if a player of his ability had come through in 1995 or 2000, given the general quality vacuums at those times, we'd have championed him like a heroic legend and wept at the thought he might leave us. I still remember the game when Gary Doherty went up front and the crowd were chanting for Jamie Slabber in desperation...

Townsend anecdote from a colleague of mine who was a former PE teacher in Chingford at Townsend's school: When they told the class it was going to be a rugby day Andros exclaimed "I'm not playing rugby you cunt" and stormed off. To be fair this only increased his standing in my books. Rugby's shite.
It's only tough 'cos he's a Spurs fan... been here since he was a kid... one of our own, and all that.

But hey, I'm a Spurs fan... I've been coming since I was 8... and i'm shit at football...
You'd all be "Booing" me to the rafters if I ever got near the first team... I'm awful!
So, for the good of Tottenham Hotspur, I have never applied to become a Professional footballer, or sought to have trials with the club... I'm doing you all a favour, believe me...
...and so is Andros.

Good luck son, go rip it up in Newcastle... I hope you stay up... but not if the last game of the season depends on it...we might need it more than you, so fuck you!
Always sad to see a player who have spent 16 years in the club leave, but he just wasn't good enough. I hope he's a success at Newcastle.

Best of luck to him! I read his salary will be doubled as well so good for him. I will miss his dad being on the pod more though :townhmm:

And there were moments like this.

Left winger, innit?

I noticed the Twatter pic from his car of him leaving the training ground (I assume for the last time)
I only hope he isn't driving himself to Newcastle... 'cos if he overshoots the A1 exit, like he did with most of his attempts on goal... he'll end up signing for Glasgow Rangers!

I know it's a cheap shot, but fuck it... he's not our concern any more!

Thanks Townsend... THOWNSEND!
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