Anyone else going to be boycotting matches, after recent events?

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Will you be boycotting matches, to show your displeasure at the treatment of non-playing staff?

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Today on La Gazzetta dello Sport online

FANS AGAINST TOTTENHAM— Tottenham has backtracked on its decision to use the British government's plan for its administrative employees due to coronavirus emergency, following criticism from its fans. On March 31, the club announced that 550 employees would cut 20% in an attempt to "protect jobs". The London club had also been criticized by the government for choosing to resort to social security while the hires of the players remained intact, with the negotiations with the players union blocked. But today, in a statement, Spurs announced that all employees will receive their wages in full "for the months of April and May". The only people who are currently suffering from salary cuts will therefore be board members, including President Daniel Levy, who earned £ 7 million last year. "We regret any concern in a period of great anxiety - Levy's words in announcing the club's backward run -. We hope that the work that our fans will see us do in the coming weeks will make them proud of their club." Last Friday, it was the association of Tottenham fans that urged the club to "do the right thing" by reversing the layoff decision. Now the London club has also announced that it will be the first club to make the so-called "quick swabs" available to the national health service in its stadium.
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