Aston villa vs Spurs Sunday 21st March 19:30 Sky Sports

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I didn’t want to speak a word nor post a sentence. I was boiling water angry at the players and Jose Mourinho for not subbing out no legs Sisoko!

To the freaking naysayers, when you win 2nil and which could have been more against such team in the 1st leg, it is no longer the coach’s fault if you fail to close them out and advance because the blue print was already laid out for you. But you became complacent disinterested and thought what the coach was uttering in your ears of how vital the match was is nonsense.

Lorris was correct .

Villa Game might be fool’s gold because with the current squad I just know a few who would always turn up but I don’t trust the rest of them and neither does the manager, especially regarding Real Madrid ball boy who is no longer Gareth Bale cuz he feels accomplished that is why he always turn up for Wales.

Mourinho deserve a backing because this team need an overhaul in some sensitive areas but progress is being made. The spirit is being instilled that of a champion. Trust the City final is due for glory.

Need to sustain it
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