Audere est Facere

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"To Dare is To Do" is a funny phrase. What does it mean to you? It honestly took me a while to fully understand, but I think that the essence of why we love THFC is in this statement. That it was chosen as the club motto so long ago tells me everything I need to know about Tottenham Hotspur.

Daring to be better than you are is the ultimate objective. It is heroic to take risks with the strong likelihood of failure. Winning is not the ultimate goal, but having the courage to be our best in the face of long odds. That's it. No one articulated that concept quite so well as Bill Nicholson. WE ARE TOTTENHAM.

I don't think I have to live nearby or attend the games to say that and truly feel know what it means. The club and the community represent how I feel about sport and I feel a part of that.

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To Dare Is To Do... the spirit of Harry Hotspur... Bravery and Endeavour...
...and besides, it beats a fucking Cannon any day!!

We're not about violence and shooting the opposition dead in order to win, we're about the Glory of the Brave, and overcoming your opponent with daring courage, and a WILL to WIN!

...what more do you need to raise the hairs on the back of your neck??
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