Ben Davies

is it out of the ordinary for a new player to join the squad in pre season training? Also, BAE is already as good as gone i reckon and isn't even on the tour. Rose must know that we at least need cover in that position even if he still starts. So I doubt it will be an issue.

I don't disagree that BAE is gone, but don't forget he was at the World Cup and I don't think any of our World Cup representatives are on tour, so not sure that means much.
Young Left Back, Welsh International, Very good potential, not perfect yet but will get better, in my opinion a good buy.

He's making a joke about you calling Davies, Davis in the previous post. ;)

On a serious note, I'm happy we've not had to spend an egregious amount to get him (if the reported figures are true). It seems like a fair price for a player with a significant amount of Premier League and international experience at such a young age.
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